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Leo's are the drama queens of the zodiac. They thrive on excitement and approval and are extremely ambitious and enthusiastic. We styled these leos in outfits that are sure to make them the center of attention. The lioness is dressed in flare bottoms and a fiery red shirt with flared sleeves to match her confident personality. Our lion boy is styled in a flamboyant orange shirt to match his dramatic side.

Taurus's are the most grounded out of all the zodiacs. They focus their efforts on security and practicality and are extremely determined to achieve this. They enjoy being comfortable and have quiet strength within themselves. Due to their quiet nature, we styled these babies in muted garments that are super comfortable which brings them overall happiness and security.


Aries are high spirited and assertive. They thrive off excitement and adventure, and due to this hyper nature, they often have a lack of patience.  Due to their fiery nature, we styled Aries girly in striking cheetah print to match her exciting personality. We chose a redshirt for our Aries dude to symbolize his hot temperament.

Aquarius is idealistic and progressive people with strong humanitarian principles. This water-bearing sign finds itself in a realm of their own ideas, often daydreaming of ways to save the world. They are frightened by emotions yet show deep compassion for people. We tyled these babies in muted colored tops with textures fabric to showcase their calm demeanor and unique personal depth.

Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac. They have a vivid imagination and are caught in a world that straddles reality and illusion. They are prone to relate to the world through their emotions and have a need to protect their dreams and secrets. We styled the libra girl in a bright red silk top and velvety black bottoms to symbolize her elusive nature. Our Libra boy is put in a polo buttoned to the top to symbolize his tendency for privacy.

Capricorns are industrious, efficient, disciplined and hardworking. They are grounded in their roots and have an impeccable work ethic of with can be used to accomplish anything and gives them a unique sense of leadership. They are prone to materialism and connect with others based on their possessions. We styled these Capricorns in matching paisley prints to showcase their connection through similar possessions.

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